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MLB 2000
The fire is burning in New York!!!
Yankees win 4-1

Yankees earn right to call themselves New York's team!!!
Derek now has his 4th World Series Championship in his 6th year in the league.
Well, suprise, suprise.  The New York Yankees win there 3rd straight world series, first time since the A's did it in '72-'74.  The Yanks earned the right to paint the town in pinstripes.  Derek Jeter blasted a game tying homer, followed by Luis Sojo's unheroic roll of a 2-run single which won the game for the Yanks.
Derek Jeter's remarks on his MVP performance

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Exciting Moments
What is, or would be the biggest story in Baseball

A player hits .400
A player hits in 57 consecutive games
A player hits over 70 homers
Mets-Yanks World Series
Cubs win the world series
Red Sox win the world series

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